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Imam Watheq Alobaidi


(1984) Graduate of the Islamic Institute, Baghdad, Iraq

(1998) Graduate of the IslamicSciencesSchool,BaghdadUniversity

(2007) Master's in Islamic Jurisprudence, of Islamic Sciences,BaghdadUniversity

(2009)PhD in Daawa University Institute,For Islamic Studies,HSD

Ijaza (academic license) in Islamic branches of knowledge that are based on reason and divine texts, awarded by sheikh �Abd al-Karim Bayyara al-Mudarris�former mufti of Iraq, known as al-Shafi�i al-Saghir. The isnad (chain of scholars) of this ijaza is connected to Prophet Muhammad, may Allah grant him peace and blessings.

Ijaza in Islamic branches of knowledge that are based on reason and divine texts, awarded by sheikh Mawlud Husayn Barbar al-Hanafi al-Turki�former mufti of the Hanafi school of Islamic law. The isnad of this ijaza is connected to Prophet Muhammad, may Allah grant him peace and blessings.

(2002)Ijaza awarded by senior Iraqi scholars who lectured in the sheikh-Training Course organized by the Iraqi Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs. Among those who lectured in this course are Dr Muhammad Ramadan (former Dean of the Islamic Sciences School), Dr �Abd al-Malik al-Sa�dy (Iraq�s mufti and a professor in Al al-Bayt University, Jordan), Dr �Abd al-Qadir al-�Ani (vice-president of the committee on compiling the Islamic Law Encyclopedia), Dr �Abd al-Razzaq al-Sa�di, and sheikh �Umar Mawlud al-Daybaki.

Ijaza in reciting the Quran with an isnad connected to �Asim b. al-Najjud through Hafs and Shu�ba

Ijaza in performing ruqya (Quranic verses and religious words read before someone for God�s protection) awarded by sheikh Khalil al-Janabi


Not less than twenty five years in leading mosques, delivering Friday sermons and religious talks, and teaching in the most important mosques of Baghdad, Iraq


(1997-2003) Imam, sermon-giver, mufti, preacher, and teacher in Abu Hanifa Mosque, the biggest mosque in Iraq                 

(1996-2003) Imam, preacher, and teacher of Khattab Mosque, Adhamiyah, Baghdad

(2002-2003) Imam, sermon-giver, preacher, and teacher of al-Salam Mosque, Rudwaniyah, Baghdad

(1993-1996) Imam, sermon-giver, preacher, and teacher of �Adila Khaton Mosque, Baghdad

(1995-1996)     Sermon-giver in Banat al-Haddad Mosque, Baghdad

(2006-2007) Imam, sermon-giver, preacher, and teacher in Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Mosque, Baghdad

(1983-1985) Sermon-Giver of Fattah Pasha Mosque, KadhimiyahAlternate sermon-giver in �Abd al-Qadir al-Kilani Mosque

(1997-2007) Teacher, then Deputy, and then head of �Abd al-Qadir al-Kilani School, the biggest Islamic school in Iraq. I personally supervised its construction and furnishing.

Lecturer, guide, and preacher for Iraqi pilgrims to Mecca to show them how to perform the acts of worship required in hajj (pilgrimage) and �umra (minor pilgrimage). I assisted the pilgrims in hajj three times and in�umrah four times.

Lecturer in Abu Hanifa School and Islamic Sciences School, Baghdad, Iraq

Member in North American Imams Federation. I attended the annual conference of the federation in New York, 6-8 February 2010.  


(1996-2003) Head of Baghdad�s Abu Hanifa Charity that provides food for widows, orphans, and the poor who do not ask others for financial aid.

Supervisor of the courses conducted by Adhamiyah mosques that teach Quran memorization and the Prophet�s biography

Has a large number of the Islamic University students whom he awarded ijaza, such as students who came from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  

Founder of the fatwa-Giving Committee in Iraq, currently presided by Iraq�s mufti, Dr Rafi� al-�Ani

Founder of al-�Ilm wa al-Taqwa (knowledge and piety) Institution, currently presided by Dr Muhammad Mahrus al-Mudarris

Founder of Ahl al-Sunna Consultation Council in Iraq

Founder of Iraq�s Intellectuals and Scholars Group

Caller for unity, non-marginalization, moderate religious discourse, and avoiding extremism