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Saturday: An Explanation of 'Riyadh al-Saliheen Hadith. After Isha
Sunday: Sunday School for all ages 10:30 to 1:30
Sunday: Ahadith from the book  Bulugh Al-Maram for the Author, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani After Isha
Monday: Tajweed and Tafseer After Isha
Tuesday: Tasbeeh after Isha
Wednesday: Quraan Tafseer After Isha
Thursday: Thikr Halaqa After Isha
Friday: Friday Sermon starting at 1:00PM
Friday: Lessons from Seerah After Isha
Anytime: Civil Matters, Advise, consultation, etc.. with Sh. Watheq Al-Obaidi
Posted 9/9/2015
Juma Congregational Prayers
MCCT Juma Prayer starts at 1:00pm sharp. Sheikh Watheq Al-Obaidy normally delivers the khutba, other times we invite scholars to benefit from their knowledge.
Free Clinic
Every 2nd Saturday of every month from 10AM to 1PM at 5100 N. Kevy place, Tucson AZ . No insurance necessary, Professional Practicing Doctors, Free and Open to all | Walk-ins welcome. Physical Exams | Chronic Disease Management for Adults and Children| Hypertension Diabetes and Obesity Screening | Health Awareness | Urine Analysis | Pregnancy Test | Patient Health Education | BMI Calculation | Referral Services for Specialty Clinics, Labs, Mammograms and Radiology | Pediatrics Services
Call (520) 329-8568
Sunday School
Sunday school is ongoing with full force, we encourage you to register your children: Every Sunday from 10:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Ages: 5 years old and older
We teach Islamic studies (Adab, Seera, Hadith, Qur’an), and Arabic
For more info call 520-329-8568
Thikr Halaqa
Join us for Rememberance halaqa, every thursday after Isha prayer